Monday, March 29, 2010

My Boy Likes (and Licks) Cats

#5 loves cats. All kinds. Big cats from the wild and domesticated house cats alike. Maybe it's because he is the one responsible for feeding our outdoor cat. On Saturday, Kent took him to a "Big Guy Little Guy" activity at the library and #5 got his face painted to look like a tiger. He spent the day prowling around and growling at us.

A few days ago while he was watching TV, I came around the corner to find him holding two stuffed toy cats. He had his eyes glued to the set and his tongue glued to their "fur". He was licking them over and over, cleaning them just like a mother cat would. When he noticed me, he looked my way, paused the licking and reflectively said, "I'm thirsty." Yeah, I bet!


Carolyn said...

He's so cute!

Charlotte said...

I agree, very cute.

mindy said...

great pictures--I love that one of him hiding behind the grass.

Jenni said...

I guess, of all things to lick, the cat's not really that bad!

Heber is so cute! I can't believe how much he's grown! He looks like a little man!