Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fat Free = Frowny Face

Yesterday I was making a mostly healthy snack for the kids to have when they got home from school. I call it "Goin' Fishing". It's half a package of cream cheese, a stack of celery stick fishing poles, and a bunch of Goldfish crackers. When I cut into the cream cheese, I realized that my snack was unintentionally healthier than I had intended. Oh no! Fat free--maybe it was "reduced fat", but either way...--cream cheese is not nearly as good as the real thing. The block was sort of slimy and didn't stir into a creamy glob, but rather just broke into chunks. Blech!

The kids didn't seem to mind, but with my sugar-free Lent, I sure did! I find that cutting out sugary treats has led to increasing my fat intake. And you know what? I don't care. This morning I made French toast, but in place of milk, I whisked whipping cream into the eggs. I did have to thin it a bit with rice milk, but the cream made all the difference. Even #2, who normally hates the eggy taste of French toast, liked this kind.

Tonight I made a basil squash soup, and you can be sure I added cream to that too! Wiping the bowl clean was especially nice with my warm homemade bread that was slathered with butter. Yum!


Our family said...

I've totally been there! I relied heavily on cheese and nuts when I wasn't eating sugar. Guess what? I still lost weight, so go ahead and eat as you please.

Carolyn said...

I've seen research studies showing that full fat dairy may actually help with weight loss. I've never seen any real explanations for this, but there seems to be a connection. Still, that picture of you drinking out of a whipping cream container makes me gag.

mindy said...

The French eat really fatty food, but they eat less of it and they don't eat as much junk as we do. And they are typically much thinner.


I'm still planning on having you over for crepes after Lent is done. :o)

Jenni said...

I always find when I cut something bad out of my diet - I end up replacing it with something else bad! Cruel cruel cravings! Good luck with your lent goals!

Charlotte said...

I crave the fat and the sugar so I am doomed. Like the hair cut!

Pam Williams said...

Fat free = taste free. There's scientific proof.