Monday, February 22, 2010

...Outside the Box: Starting Seeds

I know I get excitable when it comes to gardening. I try to contain my enthusiasm in my gardening blog, but this post crosses the boundaries of inside and outside the White house. I was pretty pleased with my creative solution to this problem. You can read the extended version at How My Garden Grows.

I am taking a gardening class taught by Gordon Wells. On Friday he told us he would be starting the seeds for his spring garden this past weekend. I have never planted a spring garden, so I was excited to learn it is already time to get started.

Brother Wells advised starting seeds indoors so they can be transplanted in mid-March. He said to put the seed-start box in a place where it will get plenty of sunlight so the seedlings don't get "leggy" and topple themselves over when the leaves grow. I wanted a place where small children would leave the box alone, but it would still get light all day. I thought about every window in my house and finally arrived at the perfect place: my skylights! The playroom has an angled ceiling with three south-facing skylights. The tray for the pellets was exactly long enough to set it in the skylight box easily and in a position where it holds its own weight. I jammed two wooden dowels in the frame of the skylight to catch the box just in case it falls. When I checked this afternoon to make sure the plastic lid was still in place, the temperature in the skylight was noticeably warmer on my skin than the playroom. I am so happy to find these three miniature "greenhouses" that are out of reach for my kids but at arm's length for me.

I know not many of you could copy my solution, but I suggest thinking about all your options, not just your obvious ones, if you want to get light to start your garden early.


Alfie said...

Impressive! What are you growing that has to be kept out of your children's reach, hmmm?

mindy said...

That is so cool!!!

Min said...

I am jealous! So very jealous.