Sunday, February 28, 2010

...Outside the Box: Slipcover

You all know I love my microfiber couches. They are easy to clean. Or rather, stuff will come off when I get around to cleaning them. The problem is boogery kids. The couches are rather tall, so small children have to pull and wiggle themselves up, leaving a streak of snot almost every time they make the climb. Also, sticky, Valentine-type candy takes some considerable dissolving and scrubbing to come off. To save some time and elbow grease, we looked at slipcovers for the couches. What a disappointment it was to learn that those things start at about $50 each. But what a nice thing it was that Wal-Mart put some sheets on clearance. A king-size, fitted sheet works almost perfectly. I do have to readjust it almost daily after the kids have spent the day jumping and rolling on it. But for $7 each, I don't mind. I do wish we could have found red sheets, because I've really loved having that bold color in the family room. But I won't mind that the sunlight pouring in the window fades these brown "slipcovers" instead of my red couch.


Charlotte said...

I think about your peanut butter/couch story all the time (or whenever I have to clean my couch). So would you still recommend the microfiber material?

Good job with the sheets!

Mary said...

Charlottee--I do still recommend the microfiber. It just requires a wipe down like any other furniture, so the sheets are reducing the frequency of that. I am a little disappointed that it seems to get water spot stains. When my kids wipe it down, they get way too much water in one place, and I can see the edges of the water spot after it dries. I haven't tried anything special to get rid of those, but I'm hopeful those will come out with steam or something else one day.