Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Would He Do That?

I have to apologize in advance for sharing bathroom-related stories. However, the nature of my work at home revolves around them frequently. Now you know what's coming. I decided to write this little story backwards. In reverse, here's what happened at our house last night while Kent and I were waiting for the kids to get ready for bed.

Kent inspected the damage to discover little puddles all over the floor. Because he is such a good husband, he grabbed the mop and went over the bathroom floor twice!

#5 flushed the toilet and left the bathroom. As he walked right up to where Kent and I were sitting in the front room, we noticed that his shirt was soaking wet around the navel area and his shorts were soaked around the crotch.

I yelled, "[#5]! Don't you dare put that in there!" He pulled the elastic headband back up from the toilet and threw it in the tub. Since he couldn't put that particular accessory in the water, he instead decided to practice some swimming strokes with his arms in the toilet bowl.

From where Kent was sitting, he could see #5 standing at the toilet. "[#5], you have to hold it steady and aim!" To me, "What is he doing? Is he wearing a blindfold?!" He was indeed; one of his sisters' headbands. Kind of makes it hard to aim when you can't see your target, let alone having only two months of practice under your belt, so to speak.

#5 announced he had to go potty for the third time in ten minutes. Talk about procrastinating bed time. He know the one line that will keep him up as late as he wants.


Charlotte said...

I am about to train my smallest one. This post did not help me get excited for the task. Although blindfolded attempt, that does takes some confidence...

Mindy S. said...

You should make this a rule: All boys under the age of 10 must SIT on the toliet while peeing (yeah, it will scare or mortify Kent, but hey) Oh, and then make them clean up the mess when they get it all over the not inside the toliet. Oh, and PLEASE don't teach him that dropping his trousers and peeing right in the middle of the campsight is ok. Ugh, I hate little peeing boys, they think they can go anywhere.
No I do not have little peeing boys. Thankfully. ;)

mindy said...

hahahaha!!! I love your #5, but I have to say I am glad he is yours and not mine! Spud has yet to really be interested in standing to pee, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Very well written story!