Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Romantical

"Romantical" is a term Kent coined back in high school. It's kind of a way to point to a truly romantic situation and then tease it a little so we don't take ourselves too seriously. This past weekend, we went on a date that turned out to be romantical.

On a tip from my sister and her husband, I decided I wanted to see a demolition derby. I'd never heard of one, and after they told me about it, I really wanted to see one for myself. Happily, Kent's dad was asked to parade around the arena on horseback at the demolition derby that was part of the Utah County Fair last Saturday, and was offered some free seats as a thank you, so my in-laws invited us along. We had a blast!

We saw a car catch on fire, cars stuck together that would ram other cars in a team effort, and cars pushed over the barricades. I've included a picture of a "hatchback" that wasn't a hatchback at the beginning of the round! Just as entertaining as the demolition was watching the tow trucks and pallet lifters pull everyone apart at the end of each round. I can't wait to go again!

It doesn't sound like a romantic date, does it? But the fun, the summer evening, and just being together at the fair brought nostalgia with it. We felt carefree, which, after twelve years of marriage, is quite romantic.

By the way, click on the pics to enlarge them. You'll see in the pile-up one that car X25 was limping around on only three tires!

After the derby, we walked around looking at the blue-ribbon animals and talking about which carni rides make us sickest. Kent wanted to ride the ferris wheel together, but I couldn't bring myself to cough up eight bucks for it. (So maybe I wasn't completely carefree, but it was the the thought that counted.)

My parents had all our kids Sunday night to Tuesday morning. When a friend found out we were childless on FHE night, she offered us some tickets that they wouldn't be using. We saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform at the outdoor Scera amphitheater. (Click on their name to go to their site. Their music will automatically start playing.) They are a swing band that was absolutely entertaining for 90 minutes straight. I was even familiar with some of their songs! We spread our blanket by some friends we saw there and enjoyed another evening under the stars. A lot of people were dancing on the sides, and one couple that knew their steps well was dancing in front of a lighted background, so they were silhouetted all night. It was, again, romantical.


Paul said...

Wow---I have got to get to a demolition derby someday; that's wild. Glad you and Kent enjoyed yourselves without all the cute kidies. We had a great time except after 3 hrs. at the pool my eyes were swollen shut the next day. But it was great; and the smallest was no problem at all. Love, Mom
(Just happens Dads innernet is up.)

Mindy s. said...

I can't believe you haven't heard - or been to - a demolition derby. I have failed you.

Charlotte said...

I didn't know demolition derbies were real things people attended. I guess I am not romantical enough. Glad you had fun!

mindy said...

What fun!! I think I would enjoy a demolition derby someday, too. And the concert Monday night sounds like a blast!