Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hard Working Dad

Yesterday I saw my neighbor mowing the lawn with his baby boy strapped to his chest. I later commented to Kent that it was cute to see those two working together. Today as I was organizing photos, I came across this one (from three years ago). Looks like my husband is just as cute a dad. He was working on the lawn with #5 before we even had the grass!

Kent is a hard worker and I appreciate all he does for our home and family. When we bought our house, he warned me that I would either do all the yard work or we would hire someone because he did not enjoy working outside. But he has since discovered that good earplugs and a phone full of his songs makes yard work doable--maybe even pleasant. Sometimes he'll even take out the earplugs and converse with me for hours while we kill bindweed or sift rock mulch. It's one of my favorite times with him.


Charlotte said...

Very cute picture. I'm glad you were able to convert your husband over to gardening- maybe you should come over and work on me.

mindy said...

That's such a great picture! After you finish with Charlotte, come convert me. :o) I actually think I could get into it if I could find the time and a bit of money to do some of the things we'd like to do.

Mary said...

Charlotte, just keep asking because one of these days I'm going to come visit. Maybe when I sell my hair in a few months I'll buy a ticket your way.

Mindy, I'm happy to help you with your yard and I'd love to help you design a plan. Time seems to be the missing element for both of us.

Debra said...

Wow! He works? Who knew!
: )