Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, To Have the Cares of A Five-Year-Old

#4, my youngest daughter, spent over half an hour this morning whimpering about the arrangement of her stuffed animals on her pillows. She wasn't happy with the size of one teddy bear, the poses of her cats, or the sheer number (four) of animals to work with. She put one bear in her brother's bed, fretted over and re-positioned the other three animals for ten more minutes, and finally threw them all over her bed declaring that she didn't want ANY toys on her bed today! (Important note: She originally had no toys in her room and fetched all four stuffed animals from the play room for the purpose of making her bed look cute.) So I moved the animals to the bench under her window and she was satisfied.

It's a good thing she can't wrap her head around the economy, war, a shopping list, etc. Maybe I should stop trying to do that and instead just focus my consternation on throw pillows.

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Charlotte said...

If only it was that easy!! And if you could teach me how to keep my kids interested for ten minutes with something that doesn't cause a huge mess, I would appreciate it!