Sunday, February 22, 2009

My House Needs Me

Some nasty illnesses have been passing around our ward and school lately, and I finally caught one. I had a fever and woke with a sore throat on Saturday, and today I have the little white bumps of strep throat. At least I know what it is and how to fight it now.

I spent yesterday laying around feeling exhausted but not sleepy. I barely moved from my bed or the couch. So it was a rather disappointing surprise when I put kids to bed last night to discover how quickly my cleaning efforts all week could be undone. The dishes were piled up, the floor I mopped Thursday was covered with smashed Cheerios and streaks of chocolate, the laundry I started Friday was piled high, the kids' rooms that I had organized in the process of finding dirty clothes on Friday were redecorated with various pieces of furniture and blankets and clothes and food, etc. etc. I was a little sad at the state of the house, but being sick always helps me feel more compassion towards people. I am grateful that most of my children did some vacuuming yesterday. #2 and her friend made dinner for the family, which was a great help. And they've all entertained each other and played together well all weekend. So I guess the house can recuperate after I do.

One thing I like about being sick is the chance to catch up on reading. Our Relief Society book club is reading "Jane Eyre" this month. I haven't read it in years, and I have to say it's so good to read a well-written book. I love the language in which Charlotte Bronte wrote it. Technically it's written in English, with a little bit of French. But her English is so rich, and her plot turns are so well thought out. I love to enjoy the story on both levels.

Well, I'm feeling a bit loopy--maybe I should eat something--so I'll stop now before my post meanders too much.


Our family said...

Cinderella's preschool sent home a note Monday saying someone there had Scarlett Fever. Thursday she had a sore throat so we took her in on Friday and sure enough, she had strep. Today at church SM looked at Cosmo and noticed spots all over his face, so we're headed to the Dr. again for his diagnosis in 15 min.

mindy said...

so sorry you are sick! I miss you guys, but I guess spring will come eventually. I hope you get feeling better soon. I love Jane Eyre last May, so I'm not reading it again, but I do hope to come to the discussion. Is it this Saturday?

Charlotte said...

I hate strep. I am always amazed how quickly my house falls apart when I have to take a break. Good luck with the digging out.

Alena said...

Alyssa has strep throat now too. I hope no one else in the fam gets it. I totally know what you mean about the house. Saturdays tend to be play days at our house--in other words I often take the day off--which means that Mondays are usually not good mom days. I been known to cry and whine to Eric about how ridiculously fast the house falls apart. It's also my excuse for doing home projects--they can't be undone in an hour or less (well we know that's not totally true, but they are unlikely to be undone). I also just read Jane Eyre. I have a version of the movie that I love too. The library has it I think. It's a masterpiece theater version that came out a couple of years ago. Mr. Rochester is played by Toby Stephens if you are interested in it. Check it out.

Mary said...

Christy--It's hard to believe we have the same illness and didn't get it from each other's families. #5 is still blaming Aurora for the cough he got over several days ago. Thanks goodness for antibiotics!

Mindy--Yep, book club is this Saturday at Mary H.'s. See you there!

Charlotte--Fortunately I'm hosting a brunch this Saturday, so I have a reason to get the house really clean. I should probably start scrubbing a toilet and take a break from the blogs.

Alena--Thanks for the movie recommendation. I'm curious to see how well actors can portray the emotions described in the book. So much feeling is passed between the characters' eyes and other subtleties. I'll check it out.