Thursday, July 10, 2008

Golden Birthday

At our house, we celebrate golden birthdays when the person turns the age of the numeral they were born on. Blue turned ten today, the tenth, making it her golden birthday. As such, she got to choose how to celebrate, departing from my regimented schedule of certain birthdays are to be celebrated. (Family part, friend party, party at a fun place, etc.) Blue has spent the last two months planning this birthday, which went like this: have her friend, Nicole, over to roast marshmallows and sleep outside; eat breakfast burritos on her birthday; play at the splash pool all day; go out to eat and spend the night with Grammy; go shopping with Grammy the next day; and finally, go hiking with Grammy and sisters to the Y. We also threw in a tiara, some presents, and cupcakes. Sounds golden to me!

With this birthday, Kent and I are also celebrating a decade of parenthood. Being a mom is a much tougher and more interesting job than going to work in an office, and the stakes are very high. But it's fun and we both have progressed and continue to learn how to be better parents. I am grateful for the examples of our own parents and the counsel and direction of the Holy Ghost given when we seek to follow the answers from our Heavenly Father.
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Alena said...

Wow Mary!! I think you could safely say that you are doing this blogging thing really well! You have so many updates you put us to shame. I just wanted to comment so you would know I have been here. :-) Keep it up. It looks good.

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday! Much cooler than what we did for Ryan's birthday. I bet she's glad she wasn't born on the 31st ;)

Our family said...

Happy Birthday Kassidy! I can't believe you're 10 already! How did you get so old while I stayed so young?

nate said...

Seriously... I can't believe Kassidy is 10.

Sounds like she had a very nice birthday.

By the way... How do you know that being a mom is a "tougher and more interesting job than working in an office?"

Sheesh, I don't know what could be more interesting than refactoring transaction-based SQL replication in a multi-tenant hosted production cluster.

Nate :)

mindy said...

that's a cool would work for Z but not for Clive... I don't think he'll want me to plan his 24th birthday. And at age 2, Z didn't particularly care. Though we did go to the zoo, which would probably be something she'd have chosen anyways.

A decade of mothering--way to go!! I hope I'll have things as together as you seem to in another four years. I feel like there is hope for me. :o)

Mary said...

Nate: I have no idea what all that SQL stuff means, but let me rephrase. Motherhood is more interesting than bookkeeping in an office all day.

Mindy: The beauty of our golden birthdays is that most of my kids will plan their own. Heber's was this last May 2, and all he got was two parents who were sick and could do nothing but lay on the couch. He didn't even get a cake or presents. So maybe we'll celebrate when he's 12, since he was born at noon. Or maybe 52 for 5/2!