Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Came Early This Year

My how things have changed in the last 16 years.  For our first Christmas as a married couple, I was less than thrilled to unwrap a Scumbuster and size 24W pajamas from my sweetheart.  Click on the link to read my full post about that story.  Because the YouTube video on that post no longer works, I'll make it up to you with an unflattering photo of my reaction that Christmas morning.  You can even see the Scumbuster in the bottom left corner of the photo.  (Sorry for the poor quality.  This is a cropped scan of a picture from our scrapbook.)

You would think that experience would have provided me with a lifelong aversion to practical Christmas gifts, specifically practical Christmas gifts that are bathroom appliances.  Not so, as it turns out!

After months and months of using extra water from a water bottle to add enough force to each flush...after way too long finding surprises that didn't quite make it down...after a year of clogged and overflowing toilets (sorry about your experience as a guest in my home last spring, Min)...we were all ready for a replacement.

When Kent came home a couple weeks ago and said a business contact had extended Whipple Plumbing's summertime radio offer for a new, installed toilet with a price tag of $199, we jumped on the opportunity.  Or rather we let my parents jump on the opportunity.  I knew they were tired of guessing what clothes or other gifts we would like each year--though my mom generally has done a good job with that in the past--so they were happy to provide a gift that Kent and I could share and love!

That's right.  With a Christmas check in hand from Mom & Dad, we ordered this pair out...

...and this guy in.

You're looking at the Gerber Viper low-flow toilet!  This toilet is so awesome that it has its own YouTube video.  It flushes so quietly that I at first doubted it could handle the job; but after a few days of use, I think we agree that we're in love.

The kids were so enamored with the idea of a toilet that would flush on the first try, that they were willing to give up the Christmas gifts I had planned to buy them, and swap them for their very own Viper.

That's right, we are now the proud owners of two new Christmas toilets, neither of which smells like pickles--yet.  Come on over and try one out.  Merry Christmas to us!

P.S.  I am embarrassed to admit that when I enter the search term "toilet" on my blog, I now have nine posts mentioning the word.  I'm not embarrassed enough to not publish this current post, but maybe now I have an idea for my 2014 New Year's resolution.


Paul said...

We are so glad you took the "plunge" on this purchase! It will be a gift you can open and re-open each day - many times. We just hope the kids don't fight over it. And be sure everyone has learned the song:

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Everywhere you go..."

Pam Williams said...

My husband once gave me an array of nail clippers for my birthday. For his he got a new toilet seat. I'm not usually practical when it comes to gifts. My philosophy is to give people something they want but wouldn't buy for themselves. However, we are at the point in our lives that we don't really need anything but love, so we changed our tradition, and now we just write love notes to each other. It's got no calories, you don't have to dust it, and it never wears out. That's my kind of gift.

Min said...

YAY!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! Happy Toilets to us all.

(And to Paul . . . just shaking my head at your comment. Okay, maybe it was humorous.)

(PS - once I got chicken bones for Christmas. They made me cry. In a good way.)