Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out and About Uno

There are a lot of wacky things out there in the wide wide world...of Utah County.  Almost weekly when I'm running errands, I see something that strikes my funny bone.  Luckily for both of my blog's readers, I've started taking pictures of the humor in life.  (I use the word "started" loosely.  I've been doing so for about a year, but I'm just now posting about it.  Yeah yeah, I know I've been neglecting writing on this blog...but everything is still there in my brain--maybe.  I guess I can't remember what I've already forgotten!)

Anyway, here are a few snapshots from when I've been out and about and thought, "I should share that funny/cool/weird thing on my blog!"  Let's start with a few photos in the wide world outside Utah County:

#1     No Neck

Pelicans are just funny looking birds.

#2     Travelers Beware

When we take groups to Mexico with A Child's Hope Foundation, some of the volunteers are tentative about crossing the border.  Between the foreign language and the hawkers swarming the line of crawling vehicles waiting to enter the U.S., I understand being tentative.  My experience has been that getting into Mexico is pretty straightforward; but getting out is more...well, curvy.  I do appreciate the road sign in this picture, though.  At least Tijuana warns you that you're about to go on a dizzy ride, whereas Utah's "spaghetti bowl" on I-15 usually catches travelers unaware.

#3     Just...ahhhh

#4     Travelers-Who-Want-to-Keep-Their-Thoughts-Pure Beware

This is probably the best way to photograph the Strip in Las Vegas.

#5     Glowing Mountain

I saw this coming home one day and snapped the picture from my driveway.  Not great composition, but I still like the play of light and shadow.

#6     January 10, 2013: 30-ft. Snowman in Orem Creates Traffic Mess for Neighbors

This one made the news.  In fact, that's how I knew to go looking for it.  I had all the kids in the van with me and thought it would be shocking to them to suddenly drive past a snowman towering over the surrounding houses.  As I started our little detour, they were on to me.  (Since when do children pay attention to the road?!)  "Where are we going?"  "This isn't how we get to the store."  I answered that I wanted to show them something.  "What is it?  Are you going to show us a big snowman or something?" #2 asked.  (That girl may have a future as a psychic reader.)  Even though they guessed it before I opened the surprise to guesses, they were still pretty impressed at the size of this frozen Cougar fan!

#7     Motor Bike

As the weather warmed, drivers switched to vehicles with better fuel economy and more natural air conditioning.  If I didn't have five kids to drive around, I'd probably get myself a motorbike of some sort, too.  But I've never thought of simply turning a bicycle into such a vehicle!  (If you click on the photo, you'll be able to see the little motor and gas tank this guy added.)  You can tell he's probably some smart college student, because not only is he an inventor, but he also remembered his helmet.  I wish his bullet-bike friend followed his example.

#8     Spell Check

Vanity license plate puzzles are always fun to figure out.  This one, though, probably wasn't supposed to be too puzzling.  Still, I'm left wondering why someone who can afford a BMW can't also afford a dictionary.  At least, I'm assuming they meant to communicate a fun ride (whee) and not instead suggest that their car is peeing (wee) on the other drivers as it "whizzes" past.  (I can't ever resist a good pun!)


Mary said...

After a bit of research, I will admit that in reference to the last photo, I may be the dummy. Apparently, WEEE is an acronym for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment. So maybe the Bimmer owner made her/his money recycling old computers. Considering that it's a license plate from Colorado, our environmentalist friends to the west, WEEE recycling is a good possibility.

Lest you think I'm a double dummy, I looked up the spelling and now know the difference between a Beemer and a Bimmer, as well as whee vs. wee vs. WEEE.

VickieG said...

I just enjoyed all your pix; they are great. Good for you. And I thought "Weee" just meant the vehicle gave a good ride.