Thursday, May 24, 2012

Freedom Techno Dance

#1 took a broadcasting class this semester, and one of their projects was to make a stop-motion film.  Their teacher played several of the films immediately following the eighth grade promotion ceremony last night, and it was fun--and even a little amazing--to see the students' work.  Their teacher posted all the films on his YouTube channel today, minus the end credits with the students' names.  Check them all out here: brockolee02.

I know I'm biased, but #1's group film was my favorite.  Her BFF's group did a fun film, too.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

#1 is the lead dancer is white.  The lead dancer in black is the girl who choreographed the dance moves--and one of my Mock Trial students!  The music is "Techno Jeep" by Julian Smith.

In this film, #1's BFF is the girl swimming underwater.  They created animation with a green screen, and filmed the stop motion in front of the screen.  Very creative!  I like the music they chose, but I don't know what it's called.

If you liked those, be sure to see the other videos too.  "Water Vs. Fire" and "The Worst Circus" are good!


Our family said...

Those are so cool! I hope our schools have classes that let our kids do awesome things like that. Heck, I want to take the classes and learn it!

Min said...

Fun stuff!

First video: wow, your cute daughter looks a lot like Jenny. She also looks a lot like you near the end.

Second video: the song is "I don't wanna wait" by Rosi Golan.

Pam Williams said...

Very creative. What a great assignment.

VickieG said...

What a fun way to learn technical things. And I liked the Westside story theme in #1s video. Very nice.

Charlotte said...

They did a great job!