Sunday, May 8, 2011

These Kids Are Getting Expensive!

I realized last week that we are entering the expensive phases of parenting.

Here's what the first part of that phase looks like:

When our dentist recommended recently that we get #1 to an orthodontist, I took a deep breath, prepared myself for the worst, and went shopping for a doctor. Because we have no dental/ortho insurance, I wanted to be sure we got good treatment for a fair price, knowing that the rest of our crooked-smile children would also go to the same doctor. I followed four recommendations from friends and family, and after two weeks of exams and consultations, we decided to go with Dr. Berg. Since I'm into plugging doctors lately, you can click here to see his website. I'm happy to recommend him to anyone else and tell you our comparison shopping story. The short of it is that I feel confident in the treatment he recommends, and his office is giving us a good deal on the price for #1 and siblings to follow.

It seems likely that #3 will follow soon, too. One of her front incisors came in too far forward, and Dr. Berg is concerned that it will break off if she falls off the monkey bars or gets hit in the face. (Did I mention she is in karate and wants to start tumbling next fall?) We'll take her back in July to see if the tooth has moved back on its own at I've dangled a little "carrot" in front of her. If #3 will push against that tooth whenever she is just sitting around, and the tooth moves back, I will give her FIVE DOLLARS! I hope it works, because I dread the $6,000 if that tooth does break off.

Last week when the ad for Gerber's college saving plan came on TV, I told the kids in no uncertain terms that I am not saving for their college and I do not plan on paying for it in the future. They can either get scholarships or jobs if they want higher education.

Still, my first little brace face made me realize that these kids are only getting more pricey to maintain. #1 is only three years away from jacking up our car insurance premiums, and then a wedding or two could very well happen in the next decade. Yikes!

Just for kicks, let's take another look at the $4,000 wire in my kid's mouth:

That's a pretty funky zig-zag. In fact...if you turn your head almost looks like a dollar sign! Oh, the mockery!


VickieG said...

Oh---I well remember these days. However expensive, the treatment is necessary and she will turn out beautiful. I'm glad you're moving ahead with this. Good luck and tell her to take some NSAIDs.

Our family said...

This post just inspires fear in my heart. I'm so not looking forward to all the expenses of older kids.

huntwork said...

4000. isn't bad. In CA or OR it would be a LOT more. At least that's what I hear from people now days. Your mom didn't need it but Lori did. So Margaret came to our rescue fortunately. Our weather is wonderful today. Our good weather has only been a day hear & there. Hope we get more. Bob is busy building a potato tower. ( from Sunset) Supposed to be easy.

Our family said...

hey, I've been patiently waiting to see some tulip pictures from your yard. They've got to be amazing this year, so let's oooooh and ahhhh over them already!

Charlotte said...

I have a couple kids getting ready for this. Not excited, neither is my wallet!

(I have the same thoughts on college, though).