Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some Catching Up to Do

If you have surmised from my recent lack of blogging that I have had a very busy past several weeks, then you are correct! It must be contagious, because most of the blogs I follow have also shown recent neglect. I hope that means we all are so busy enjoying real life that we don't have a spare minute to write about it. My plan is to catch up a bit with posts that I'll schedule to show up throughout this next week, but I'm dating them for when they actually happened.

I also wanted to share this photo of #5.

He got really excited about playing in the snow a couple weeks ago when we had our last big snowstorm. He suited up and headed down the street to his friend's house, where there is a big dirt pile right behind the property. I think the boys started by sledding down the snow-covered pile; but as the afternoon sun melted away the snow, they ended up sliding down a mud hill. His friend's mom was very considerate to call and let me know she was sending my son home covered in mud, so I was ready when he showed up. I carried him in the laundry room, stripped his clothes off him and right into the washing machine, and plunked him in the bathtub. He had a great time, and I didn't have to ruin it by complaining about mud tracks or soggy clothes strewn around the house.

Life with a boy child is fun. :)


Charlotte said...

My blogging absence is due more to illness than business, but hopefully it will be over soon.

Mud and kids are irresistably drawn to each other.

Pam Williams said...

Yes, boys are curious creatures. I had one boy child who came after two girls. I wasn't ready. This is the child who would come home from school, take off his shoes, and then fling his socks into the ceiling fan in the living room just to see where they would land. When he ran out of clean socks that matched, we knew it was time to move the couch and see what was behind it. He was born on Mothers Day 33 years ago this spring, and I still marvel at things he says and does.