Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Deluge of Posts Soon To Follow

Hello to my four blog followers!

I know my posts this summer have been quite scanty. That fact speaks to a busy summer. I've had plenty to post about, both as a participant of events and as a thinker of random, and sometimes deep, thoughts.

I'm just taking a minute here to commit to recording some of the posts that have been floating around inside my skull. In fact, I'll take a moment to record one that just came to me.

On the subject of deep and random thoughts...

During my two summers in Oregon when I was a teenager, I had a group of friends that loved to quote Jack Handy. One of my favorites, and it has stuck with me for 20 years, goes as follows:

"The face of a child can say so much. Especially the mouth part of the face."


As my children mature, they don't say so many quirky things. However, a recent funny from #5 is based in his current propensity for assigning number values to things. When I told him that google is the biggest number there is, I had no idea how his little mind would clamp onto that concept. For the past month he has introduced google into at least google conversations each day. Earlier this week he asked, "If we had google of something, we could reach up to Jesus, because he lives in outer space, huh?" I could only agree (rather than introduce any other mind-bending concepts to him.

But that's not the quote I planned to share. The funnier one was when we were boating with my relatives at our family reunion two weeks ago. My dad was in the process of taking off his life jacket and replacing it with a shirt. In the middle of that transfer, #5 pointed to his grandpa and proclaimed (because he says nothing in an appropriately quiet voice), "Gross!! You have zero shirt on!"

It's really hard not to laugh at Jack Handy's deep thoughts or the real-life proof of their validty.


Our family said...

My favorite recent quote from that boy was directed at our crying baby saying, "She's scared of grown ups because they all look like giants to her."

VickieG said...

I LOL at that quote. One of my coworkers has an exceptionally bright child and she is always telling us stories. They crack us up. The other day she was trying to wake him for the first day of second grade. She gently spoke to him, stroked him, shook him when all at once "his one eye shot open and he said, 'Do you realize it is the crack of dawn!'" Later she was helping him organize his bedroom with cubby containers. As she went in to ask what he wanted, he stood back and said, "What I see happening here is..." Children are great; I'm glad you are writing it down.

Charlotte said...

Too funny! I love the obsession with number words.

mindy said...

Zero shirt on! I love that!!

My friends and I were fond of Jack Handey quotes, too. In fact, I bought all the little books they sold with them, and I'd occasionally take them to school and we'd read them during break and laugh ridiculously. Ah, simple pleasures for simple minds.

Oh, one I remembered and shared with David the other day,
If God dwells inside us, like some people say, I sure hope He likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting!"