Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look What I Got For My Birthday!

Spring and summer, when the sun warms the air and the greens things are back, are my favorite seasons. But I do love a fresh, billowy layer of snow highlighted by morning sunshine. When I woke to this yesterday, I spent the morning singing "It's a Marshmallow World" in my head.

The rest of the day was pretty perfect, too: low-key and relaxing. Kent and I took #3 on her eight-year-old date to Temple Square on Friday, and my parents kept all the kids overnight. So I spent Saturday in a clean house with friends that came to a Relief Society Birthday Brunch followed by a Book Club meeting. I didn't mean to host anything on my birthday, but that's how it worked out and I really loved it! One of my dear friends sewed for me a "Happy Birthday" banner. (I'll add a picture of it later.) That was the perfect gift. I realized this year that I'm really uncomfortable receiving gifts; I'd prefer to spend time with those I love than to receive things. Maybe it's that I feel I have to reciprocate at the same level, and I never think I can because I am so bad at picking gifts. Yesterday I also realized that a homemade or simple gift is perfect for me. Another friend brought me a steaming jumbo muffin--again a perfect gift because she took time to show she had thought of me. Next week, two other friends are taking me somewhere to do something, and I'm looking forward to the fun surprise. All day I got lots of hugs and generally felt very loved.

After the friends went home, Kent took me to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) and dinner (Five Guys Burgers). Again, perfect because those were both things I'd been wanting to see/eat, and the cost wasn't extravagant. At the last minute, I decided I wanted to spend my birthday money from relatives on a down coat. So he took me shopping, which he really dislikes, and we found a good deal on a good coat. We picked up the kids (more hugs all around) and headed home for some snuggling on the couch while we caught up on the sitcoms we missed this week. Lots of low-key love. Thanks for the cards and hugs and friendship and love from everyone. It was all perfect.

P.S. #5 gave me a good laugh for my birthday. After his sisters presented me with cards and a book, he started throwing a fit because he was so upset that he had nothing to give me. Then he suddenly ran down to my parents' basement. A few minutes later he returned with a gift wrapped in his PJs: my mom's "Twilight" DVD! How thoughtful of him.


Min said...

I am glad that you had such a nice birthday! All year birthday wishes for you! Happy Birthday. Love ya! - mindy

Charlotte said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday. Did you enjoy the movie? I liked it.

mindy said...

I had fun on your birthday, too! :o)

And I noticed your nice coat last night. I should have told you that I liked it, but instead I just thought it.

I had fun last night. Sorry Part I didn't work out!