Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Duper Super Saturday...and Weekend in General

Yesterday I attended our ward's Super Saturday. I was there to set up and stayed an hour past ending time trying to finish projects. (I always sign up for too much.) Coming home, I realized what an enjoyable time I'd had. I've been dreading the cold winter months, which snapped into place yesterday morning. However, walking home from the church, I was cheerful and ready for winter. I love spending time with friends snacking and chatting. We hosted Kent's Young Men's presidency and their wives for dinner on Friday. It was so nice to visit with adults in our cozy home with a fire going. Tonight we gathered with my extended family for dinner and FHE. And Kent and I squeezed in a dinner out for just the two of us Saturday night, too. For me, it was a perfect, if cold, weekend.

A friend of mine took a few minutes at Super Saturday to teach us ways to take stress out of the holidays. She asked us to consider what we want out of our holiday season, be it a family tradition to continue, events with children...whatever we most wanted. I immediately knew that what I most wanted was time with my friends and family. I truly wouldn't mind getting rid of the gift giving and just focus on gathering. Although...

...we did make some really cute flower clips for hair or for a clothing accessory. In my parallel universe where I have undemanding children and all the time in the world, I would make a hundred of these clips to give away to my friends and fam and then sell the rest on Etsy. In reality, I'll be lucky to finish the ones I started for my girls' stockings in the next forty days. (Yep, that's the countdown.) Happy holidays!


mindy said...

I had a great time at SS too. And I agree--getting together with friends & family is the best way to spend long as we aren't all passing colds and flus back and forth! :o) If you want, we could plan a time to get together and you could finish your hair clips and I can work on my dolls, while chatting & drinking cocoa or something. And see if any of the other ladies have projects to finish. Maybe we can resurrect the quilting circle!

Charlotte said...

I haven't lived in a ward that does Super Saturday for years. :(

If you ever find a way into your parallel universe, please tell me how. I'd like to move in.

Min said...

I would highly encourage the idea of giving up the gift giving and focusing on gathering as family and friends. Nothing better!
We gave up gift giving a few years ago, it is SO nice. I think it makes you focus more on enjoying the season.
Read the English paper I just wrote about Christmas consumerism here