Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day began with Kent helping the Boy Scouts in our ward to set up flags in neighbors' yards. I always love looking down streets as we drive through our neighborhood and seeing rows of stars and stripes. By the time he was done, we were all waiting in the driveway to go to breakfast at Callie's Cafe with Kent's family. Our tradition is to stuff our faces there every Memorial and Labor Day with menu items like Killer Hashbrowns and the Garbage Omelet. Good stuff!

I don't know why my brother-in-law Matt had a hoodie on the whole time--I think he was trying to hide bedhead maybe?--but I thought this picture of the Unabomber playing with #3 is pretty funny. Our goodbyes lasted a while as the little cousins had to hug and re-hug everyone. Cute! (That pic is a bit blurry because I've messed with it too much in posting this blog. Sorry.)

Around noon we headed to Salt Lake to spend time with my Grandma Betty. She was nice enough to entertain the kids with a game of Dominoes while Kent and I took power naps. That big breakfast made us sleepy!

With our energy restored, we walked to Temple Square and toured the Conference Center. We took a picture of #5 with his namesake, Heber C. Kimball, in the "Hall of the Apostles". The kids loved the garden on the roof and could not keep their hands out of the "streams" and fountains of water up there.

At the end of the tour we took time to enjoy the Church's International Art Show where Grandma pointed out my cousin Emmalee's painting, which won a Purchase Award. (That means the LDS Church now owns the original painting and will display it wherever they like. Emmalee hopes it will go back to Ghana. The painting is of a member there.) I love her painting style and didn't see anything else like it at the show.

One piece was an etched glass door, which was displayed by the "waterfall window". I liked this photo of my children there.

On our way home from Salt Lake we visited with my parents who had returned that morning from a trip back East. We kept the visit short, which was still enough time for my kids to partially tear down the net on their trampoline, spill root beer across their deck (good choice to eat outside) and leave greasy hand prints on their windows. Just leaving our mark!


Our family said...

We went out to breakfast too, at McDonalds, gross. Funny thing though, there were some little cousins there that were named after our two boys. I thought that was cute

VickieG said...

Loved all your pictures; wish we could have been to the closing activity at Freedom Academy. That looked so fun. In spite of mishaps it was still good to see all of you yesterday. Thanks for coming.

Charlotte said...

Man, my Memorial Day consisted of cleaning up the house and going clothes shopping. I'll trade you next year.

The international Art Show sounded awesome. We browse through the pictures online, would love to see them in person.