Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Driving Around In My Automobile

Today as I was out running errands, I saw several things I rarely or never have seen. I was struck by the fact that I saw duplicates of most of these and all of them within a total of 20 minutes of driving time.
1. I saw a car wreck almost happen right in front of me. Fortunately, both cars screeched to a stop and no other cars came into the intersection. This one is sort of typical, but along with everything else I witnessed today, I'm glad I didn't have to be a witness on a police record. Keep reading.
2. Leaving my neighborhood, I saw a Yellow Cab dropping someone off. This is the first time I remember having seen a taxi in Provo, not counting the airport shuttle van. Later, across town, I saw another Yellow Cab waiting at an intersection. Weird.
3. On my way to a store I was behind a car with a rear-window sticker that read: In memory of [a guy's name]; it included some dates and something along the lines of "We miss you". I found it interesting that someone would put an epitaph on their car. I've never seen that before. But then I saw another memorial, rear-window sticker on the way home. It read: "In memory of [John] 'The Stabmaster' [Doe]" with his birth and death dates. My thought at the second one was, "I wonder if his nickname has something to do with why he is dead?" So are these mobile epitaphs popular now? Are people hiding bodies in their trunks?
4. Here's a sight I've never seen in Provo. I was driving by a medical plaza and saw three picketers walking around with large signs. On each sign, written in huge, capital letters was "DON'T TRUST [SO AND SO'S] DENTAL!" I thought that a pretty creative way to protest bad service. Then I learned a lesson about myself. All three protesters were kindof white-trashy looking. My line of thinking was basically that their message would probably be wasted on most middle-class potential patients because of the type of people holding the signs. I was shocked to hear myself discriminating like that, but I still think it's probably true. I suppose we all learn some degree of being judgmental as part of our street-smart education. (Can someone back me up here so I don't feel like such a jerk?) :o)


Charlotte said...

That memorial on the windshield thing was HUGE in North Carolina. I thought it was weird the 1st time I saw it, too.

I always figure if I am putting my opinion on the line, I better be putting my best foot forward in appearance. I have heard picketing is an effective way to help settle disputes with small businesses.

At least you didn't see an UFO while you were out driving, or at least not that you remember!!

Mary said...

That's a good point. I suppose the business owner took their picketing very seriously. I hope their problem got resolved.

Debra said...

Nope, not resolved yet. I saw them picketing on my way home. Interestingly, that's the second time I've seen picketers on that corner, but I don't know if it's for the same business. I've actually seen quite a bit of picketing in town. I'm all for it!

Funny how things came in twos.

mindy said...

I first saw those memorial rear window things about a year or so ago, and it struck me as very odd. I thought maybe they'd bought the car with the life insurance money or something. ;o)

Alena said...

I just saw one of those memorials this week too. It was on a nice new truck, so I know there wasn't anything in the trunk. I was trying to figure out what exactly is in memory of that person. Is it just a way of paying tribute to them? Anyway, I have to admit that I would probably look at the picketers and figure they didn't like the bill they got if they are going that far...Although, I have had some pretty bad dental care so I hope they didn't have to go through that.