Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Can't Be!

I'm in denial that we are reaching the end of summer. Sure it's mostly dark when I get up to work in the yard now, but I've even managed to ignore the sun's late arrival each day. I guess with the first day of school today, I better start accepting that soon I'll be shoveling snow and stressing about Christmas shopping. But before it feels like Fall, we're squeezing in all the summer fun we can.

We spent Monday afternoon at Seven Peaks water park with our friends the Spadaforas and then had a late dinner eating outside at Dairy Queen. Last night we hosted a street party BBQ in an effort to mingle the non-LDS neighbors with the rest of us who see each other at Church and in our callings all week. It didn't work. Only the active ward members on our little street showed up, so then we invited the missionaries who were riding by. We did use up a good portion of the food that was left over from Kent's work picnic last Saturday, so that part was a success, as was visiting with the friends who did come. (That was a big tangent!)

Tonight, when we should have been organizing school uniforms and packing lunches, we instead stayed out late playing with friends and finishing off a HUGE watermelon. I will not give up summer without a fight!

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Charlotte said...

Way to make the most of summer. My kids start school next week. This has been a long summer for me and I have to confess that I am looking forward to it this year.

Our family said...

Your girls look so cute all uniformed up! Maybe I'll start dressing my kids in uniforms just for the fun of it. So what if the school doesn't require it!

Jake & Jenni! said...

How fun!!! It doesn't even feel like summer to me anymore... this full time job thing isn't as good as they make it sound - I mean, we don't even get a summer break! Glad to see you're all having fun!

mindy said...

ha ha ha!! Love the watermelon picture! And of course your street party bombed--you didn't have us there. Everyone knows we are the life of the parties. *j/k* good for you for trying.