Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My son the pirate?

We do not have your conventional heat vents in our home. The second year we lived here, I pulled a cat out of the vent that had been running around the duct system looking for a way out. The cat didn't like that hiding spot, but Green sure does.

Since he could walk, he's loved pulling the vents out of the floor and dropping crayons and small toys in. Well now the little pirate is stealing and "burying" bigger treasure. Today one of the covers was off and I saw my potato masher (missing for about six weeks) down there with two knights from our chess set. I realized that I hadn't inspected the vents lately and decided to check some of the others. In one I found my calculator and a large flashlight. In another there were four of his sisters' shoes, five glass checkers, and a handful of beads. None of my girls have ever done this, so I wonder, is this a boy thing? Or is it because he truly believes he is a puppy? I can't wait to see what I recover tomorrow when I check the rest of the vents!


mindy said...

ha ha ha!! what fun! I think you should talk like a pirate as you discover the hidden booty!

Charlotte said...

Over the years, I have also found numreous things in the vents. Of course, my kids hit the "throw things down the vent" stage at the same time as the "throw things in the garbage" stage so I am never sure if I will recover the things I lost. I held hope that I would find my missing keyring for 2 years, but now that we've moved, I guess I can give up the dream. The heating vent (or maybe garbage can?) won.

Mary said...

I'd forgotten about his garbage stage! He went through that last fall and winter. One day, when the kids were playing in the snow in our backyard, they found Kent's missing deodorant out there, with no lid on it. I had hoped to recover the TV remote and the pressure cooker regulator when the spring thaw came. But alas, I only found a wash rag. I guess my boy had simply raided our master bathroom and thrown things into the snow from the balcony. The other items are probably in the city dump.